“My whole 30 turned into a whole 53 because of an unintentional error. The feedback and coaching I received went well beyond the cost. If you think you can do it on your own… you might be able to but why? Why climb mount Everest without a guide or a Sherpa. Whole 30 isn’t a diet, fad or something you do then don’t do. It is a tool and an education into your own mind and issues surrounding food. We all know it isn’t just the food. It’s never just the food. I learned food what food is and isn’t. Food is food. It is broccoli, potatoes, pork, spices. Food isn’t comfort, love, soothing, an answer. Food isn’t a solution. You need a coach to get you through the mindsets that you have created around food that have been there longer than you think. Sandra is just the person to help you get there while retaining your dignity, empowering you and encouraging you all along the way. My top three goals upon starting my coaching engagement

  1. Complete the 30 day elimination phase to give me insight into some GI issues

  2. Try to get a handle on my cravings and food addictive behavior

  3. To lose a little weight

  1. Sandra was able to help me work through these goals by:

    1. Providing constant feedback and encouragement

    2. Refining vague goals or vague insights into more concrete, attainable goals and insights

    3. Being an example having been through and working the program in her own life

    4. Listening (really listening) and hearing beyond what I was saying and sometimes reframing my own thoughts back to me from a different perspective

    5. Consistently directing me back to the books and resources available. Often finding and providing new resources that would help me as an individual.

    6. Being available for texts, phone calls or emails.

    7. Being a constant source of positivity without being too “cheerleader-y”

    8. She is an honest reflection of how this is supposed to work.

    9. Absolutely no judgement no matter what the circumstance

  2. The biggest tangible change I have noticed since the conclusion of my coaching engagement is

    1. I am mentally and emotionally in control of what I put in my mouth. I step back and evaluate and use concrete evidence that I learned during the whole 30 elimination phase. I was never able to do that before.

  3. The most significant over all change I have noticed as a result of my coaching engagement is

    1. The most significant overall change is cooking for myself, whole foods, almost every single night.

  4. The second most significant overall change I have implemented

    1. No added or “extracurricular” sugar it has changed my tastes and my mind

  5. I would describe Sandra as

    1. Genuine and honest

    2. Empathetic

    3. Educated


    5. Available

    6. Resourceful

    7. Fun

    8. Talented

    9. A real person who walks the talk

  6. I would recommend Sandra as a coach to anyone who:

    1. Wants the whole coach package. The physical, emotional and educational package.

    2. Wants to get a hold of their food addictions, issues, sensitivities

    3. Wants to do the work.

    4. Has a brain (she is really that good)

    5. Has listened to Melissa Hartwig and/or Read any of the books and who knows this isn’t a diet.

    6. To the person who thinks they don’t need a coach. … you do. Trust me… you do.”

Shannan H. from Connecticut

“I want to take a few minutes to thank you for your guidance through the Whole30 program.  I can’t stress enough the importance of coaching to the success of the program.  Everyone needs daily encouragement to see the program through.  You could not have done a better job!”

Craig W. from North Carolina

“Passion is the core of Sandra’s work, passion for healthy food, for her clients’ desire for health and for the opportunity to teach others. Her commitment to her beliefs and to her clients is evident and inspiring. Coaching with Sandra was a positive experience that has shifted my thinking and my life.”

Sandi P. from North Carolina

“1. My top three goals upon starting coaching engagement with Sandra were

  • Lose Weight

  • Gain Knowledge about food

  • Gain a healthy lifestyle

2. Sandra was able to help me work toward these goals by

  • Pushing me to think about what I was eating and why I was eating it. She answered any questions I had regarding why certain foods weren’t allowed on Whole30 and how to cope with certain experiences during my process.

3. The biggest tangible change I have noticed since the conclusion of my coaching engagement is

  • My skin and hair feel and look healthier! I also have more energy overall.

4. The most significant overall change I have noticed as a result of my coaching engagement has been

  • How mindful I am of food and how certain foods make me feel. Having this knowledge of what and how to eat helps me come back to my Whole30 roots and stay grounded when non compliant temptations and cravings start creeping in.

5. I would describe Sandra as

  • Supportive, open, awesome!

6. I would recommend Sandra as a coach to

  • Anyone who is wondering what Whole30 is, anyone who wants a challenge, and anyone who is looking to push themselves but also who is looking for a great support system.”

Victoria D. from Manahawkin, NJ