Real Plans

sandra luttrell

Meal Planning Can be Tough...

When I did my first Whole30, I was not connected on any social media platform and I did most of what I needed to by referencing the books and maybe a few things on the Whole30® website.  Being on the road 80% of the time made it difficult to plan for the days that I would actually be home.  And when I was home, I did not want to spend a ton of time planning on what I needed/wanted to cook while I was there.

sandra luttrell

And then I Found the Solution...

While trying to find meal planning solutions, I came upon Real Plans and decided to check it out.  Not only did it give a time time line for the week, it also generated a shopping list, ingredient list for each recipe and the preparation/cooking instructions.  This made it so easy to coordinate with my husband because he would go food shopping before I get home; I would send him the shopping list and he knew exactly what to get and was very diligent to no add anything else to the cart!

sandra luttrell

To try Real Plans, click link below...

If this is something that sounds appealing to you, please click the link below.  Please note:  You will be able to see a sample meal plan at no cost; please note that some of the items may not be Whole30 complaint and will  need to be removed. The meal plan is just a sample so you can see what the product looks like before you purchase.  If you want to make the meals, please do.  Use what you have learned with Whole30 and remove the ingredients that are not permitted while you are on on a round.  If you decide to go with using Real Plans, there is an option for  doing a Whole30 round and then planning for reintroduction that will help take the guess work out of it.  Simple.


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