Whole 30 Coaching Options

One-on-One In-Person or Distance Coaching Package

Price: $399.00

sandra luttrell

This 45-day Coaching program, with 5 days of prep, 30 days for Whole30 and 10 days on reintroduction, includes:

  • An initial 30 minute phone conversation to talk about your goals and begin to customize a program that is catered to your personal needs

  • Daily updates and inspiration to help keep you focused on your goals

  • Five-day pre-planning guide provided each day of the preparation process to help you plan your Whole30® journey in a very organized manner to keep you on track

  • A plethora of PDFs (grocery shopping guides, recipes for meal planning likes and 'want to try something new' adventures, navigating the grocery store, etc.) to make your Whole30® experience more manageable

  • Private communication through the platform of your choosing - Facebook Messenger, text, email, etc.  

  • A weekly thirty-minute one-on-one call or video chat (Skype or FaceTime)

  • 10-Day reintroduction guide based on your personal needs

  • Thirty minute follow-up to your Whole30® experience after your reintroduction is complete

  • Whole30 Day By Day (hard copy or electronic) is a requirement and will be given to you as your free gift.  We will be referencing this and using it together every day.  Melissa has this way of rooting us on and being our loudest cheerleader, keeping us on track by sharing her insight and expertise in her witty, tough love and humorous ways.  I am going to be right next to you, the entire way.  I will support, encourage and help you push yourself forward to the finish line.  You've got this! 

  • Food Freedom Forever (soft cover) to help you prepare for the reintroduction phase and subsequent food freedom journey you will be embarking upon

  • If you already have the books, that is easy enough. Just let me know and we will see what else will serve you well on your Whole30 journey.

Jersey Shore Local Add-Ons

sandra luttell

You can add these on to any package as long as you live within a 30 mile radius of Waretown, NJ. If you are unsure if you live close enough, shoot me an email through the form below.   These are considered a weekly addition to compliment your coaching package or to use on their own, or in combination, to meet your specific needs.

  • Pantry Makeover:  To help get you started and remove any items that will create unintentional roadblocks on your journey, I will take a close look at what is in the fridge and pantry together with you.  During this process, I will help you understand food labels and make decisions about what should stay and what should go for your successful Whole30 experience.

    • Price: $119.00

  • Grocery Buddy: Whether it's your first or tenth Whole30 round, enjoy the benefit of a guide through the grocery store to shop as a Whole30 champ!  I will be there to help read labels, plan for success, and budget like a pro.

    • Price: $109.00

  • Meal Prep Buddy: Let me come show you how to meal prep like the secret Chef that you are! In 2.5 to 3 hours, I'll plan your meals with you, prep from start to finish, and show you how to make your meal planning and preparation last the entire week.

    • $149.00

Jersey Shore Meet-ups for Locals or Anyone in the Area

Come meet me wherever I am for a free discussion of all things Whole30 and anything else that you feel is pertinent.  For all the locals from Red Bank to Absecon, this package is for you. This 45 day program includes the Basic and Enhanced packages, plus the following:  

  • Bi-weekly Group Meetups at a central location with Whole30® goodies to enjoy while we gather or to take with you to try at home

  • Group excursions when applicable (think hikes, coffee shops, walks on the beach, etc.) and so much more!

  • Announcements will be made on a calendar here as well as through Facebook and Instagram with specifics when these free events will take place


Let me be very clear; the Whole30 program is, has always been and will always be free for anyone to access at www.whole30.com. Coaching services are designed for those who need and want extra accountability, loving support and compassionate community to succeed. And for some, it may just be being financially invested is the extra accountability you need to finally beat the sweet potato chip, chocolate or pizza monster - Once. And. For. All.

Refunds will only be given in the event my circumstances change making me unable to provide the content I have outlined being presented to you. In other very loving, stern words, that cookie/candy/cake/... is just not worth your valuable investment, so JUST. DON’T. EAT. IT. Be brave in this process and history says there is an 88% chance you will be rewarded.

Once you have reserved your spot by submitting your payment, within 2 days you will receive a confirmation email from me outlining your next steps.

Once coaching services for Integrative Nutrition Have started, there will be no refunds offered.