Let your brilliance shine

Life Coaching

Transformational Journey

  • Free of charge 50-minute initial consultation/goal setting session to take place via phone, Zoom, FaceTime or another agreed upon platform to discuss where you are now, where you want to go and decide if this is a relationship you are excitedly entering into to do amazing, life changing work

  • Welcome Packet and the beginning to your six month commitment to uncover your own unbeaten path

  • 60-minute coaching calls (in-person available for local residents only) - sessions are typically twice per month over the program - additional mutually agreed upon calls can be scheduled

  • Weekly emails provide motivation to guide & support you and to discuss any questions or topics that have arisen as you work through your uniquely you adventure

  • Exercises to help you grow and expand your spirit, mind and soul muscles to stretch beyond the comfortable and find the brilliance and beauty in in the unknown

  • Unlimited email and/or text message support in between sessions

  • Handouts and resources to maximize your learning

  • Giveaways (Ex. natural health care products, books, essential oils, gadgets, etc.)

  • My personal commitment to your continued growth and ongoing journey to your best version of yourself