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Transformational Journey

  • Complimentary 60-minute one-on one initial consultation to discuss where you are now, where you want to go and decide if this is a relationship you are excitedly entering into to do amazing, life changing work

  • Welcome Packet and the beginning to your six month commitment to uncover your own unbeaten path

  • 60-minute coaching calls (in-person available for local residents only) once per week

  • Weekly emails provide motivation to guide & support you and to discuss any questions or topics that have arisen as you work through your uniquely you adventure

  • Exercises to help you grow and expand your spirit, mind and soul muscles to stretch beyond the comfortable and find the brilliance and beauty in in the unknown

  • Unlimited email and/or text message support in between sessions

  • Giveaways (Ex. natural health care products, books, essential oils, gadgets, etc.)

  • My personal commitment to your continued growth and ongoing journey to your best version of yourself