Kettle and Fire


In my house, we cook 95% of the meal that we eat. This definitely wasn’t always the case, but once I learned how to sustain our health, the ingredients I chose to use fell under scrutiny and I was incredibly discriminating.

Considering the amount of organic broth I used, it behooved some inquiry to see exactly what we were consuming, and I was motivated to make some quick changes once realizing things were definitely not what they appeared to be. I tried a WIDE variety of bone broth and stock. The flavor always fell flat, leaving much to be desired and the need to be doctored for some resemblance of flavor. And then I discovered Kettle & Fire.

Kettle & Fire products are delicious just as they are needing nothing other than maybe a dash of salt depending on my mood any given day. The broth is so versatile it can be consumed as is (I prefer it being warmed first) or used as an ingredient in any number of recipes that range from soup to stew, for deglazing to gravy, and chili to sauce. Whatever your creative culinary skills can bring, whether advanced or beginner, this is the perfect pairing to replace your traditional broth/stock choices.

Click below to learn more and see all the amazing products there are to try. The portfolio is growing and now includes soups, chowders and chili, all of which are made with good-for-you ingredients you can feel great about feeding yourself and your family.


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