Why choose a Life Coach?

sandra luttrell

No two people are exactly alike, we all know this. But how deeply do we embrace and embody our differences from all others?

We may all agree that we agree on some things, disagree on others, appear to have the same ailments and we may even seem to have the same problems.

But in reality, do we?

  • None of us has walked in the shoes of another person, experiencing life from their unique perspective

  • There is no ‘on-size-fits-all’ solution for much of what ails us

  • When advice is sought through conventional methods, most practitioners do not have the time to delve into all areas that make us each who we are, not only as individuals, but as biological-individuals

  • While the traditional community of providers has the best of intentions for making us well, their lack of time and resources do not allow for a truly comprehensive evaluation of you as an ENTIRE person

By working with me, you will have a supportive mentor and wellness authority to help you uncover what will help you feel your best through life style and/or changes in diet that are designed to match only your needs, and to meet your goals, including, but definitely not limited to:

  • Creating intention

  • Giving rise to all your burning desires

  • Acting with purpose and passion

  • Gaining energy and MOMENTUM

  • Find mental clarity and acuity for a new perspective

  • Physical, emotional and mental strength

  • Some combination of any of the prior and so, so much more not listed

The greatest of the greats all have a coach. Why? Because they know their strengths alone and the exponentially greater power those strengths hold when supported by someone who helps bring all the magic to the surface! Working with a Life Coach is a great way to team up with an expert that focuses on helping set aspects of your life ablaze in a way that is catered to, and sustainable for your uniquely individualized you to burn the path that was meant for ONLY you. There is no cookie cutter plan that suits all. After having a complementary 60 minute initial consultation, I will have gained a much better understanding of you as a person and will work with you to create the program that is best suited for YOU. I promise to meet you where you are in all ways, always.


If you are ready to get started now, click the button below to contact me. We will schedule your view into the possibilities that await you.