As a family that consciously chooses the source of its meat, I have spent countless hours looking for a source of beef and pork that I felt good putting on the table, not just because it is good for my family, but also because it is good for the planet and the animals are treated with dignity and respect. As such, I do everything I can to avoid eating factory farmed beef. I can’t tell you how elated I was to find this ranch within 100 miles from my home.

I have personally visited this farm, stood within feet of the cattle, even seen the calves within the herd. The ranch is family owned and operated which means personal attention is given to every aspect of the operation with incredible dedication given to the animals to ensure they are each given the highest standard of care. There are no corrals, or cages, or confines in any way, other than the fences that separate the pastures to allow for the grass to continue to grow and the herds to be rotated. It was quite a site to see the herd ‘storm the gate’ when they thought it was going to be opened for them.

The pastures are lush and green with an abundance of expansive land for roaming and grazing. The air was crisp, clean and quiet and, for me and my family, the perfect place to know the beef on my plate was raised. I give thanks and am deeply grateful for the process and the animals I consume. There is a genuine connection to my nourishment that leaves me feeling full in a way that I never otherwise would.

This is hands down the best tasting beef I have ever eaten and confirmed by the many guests I have had for dinner that unequivocally agreed. So long as I have a choice, this is where I will source beef from. If you don’t live in proximity for pick-up or delivery, find locally raised beef near you. It really does make all the difference. Click the link below to learn more.


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