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Enhance Your Wellness. Enrich Your Life.

Healing our bodies, minds, souls and spirits one step, thought, action and feeling at a time.


Let’s learn about you.

How are you feeling? I mean, how are you really feeling?

Do you ~

  • Observe your mind to be clear and sharp?

  • Feel rested; truly rested?

  • Find your body to be energized and serving you well?

  • Sense your heart feeling light and free?

  • Live your passions and dreams, no matter how huge and wild they may seem?

If you answered “no” to any of these questions - maybe it is time to consider making a change in your life.

A change that will last longer than one week, one month.

You want a change that will last one lifetime. Your lifetime.

You didn’t land her accidentally. And now is your time to make that reset and learn the tactics you need to stay motivated.

I am here for you. With years of experience in life (and the food industry), I am taking my expertise to a personal level and helping YOU build the life you’re READY to have.

What are you waiting for? Make the commitment to you TODAY.


Coaching Services



Since April 2009, millions of people have successfully completed the Whole30 program with stunning, life-changing results. Working with a coach brings insight and support from a perspective of deep understanding for all this dietary reset has to offer, which is So. Much. More. Than. Food. Hiring me as your coach will provide an in-depth dive into the nuances of you individual needs on this journey.

~ Nelson Mandela

~ Nelson Mandela


Life Coaching through Integrative Nutrition

Working with a Life Coach is a great way to team up with an expert that focuses on supporting you on a journey to improve all aspects of your life. I do this in a way that is designed specifically and sustainably for the uniquely individual person that is you, in a space that is safe and sacred to share whatever you are called to share.


The journey of a thousand miles beings with the first step. ~ Lao Tzu

We get one go around at this amazing thing called life. Each and every step of the way is another experience - a step to the next leg of our unseen path. I am uniquely me, just as you are uniquely you. Our bodies provide homes for our souls and spirits and are a vessel from which all we have to give can overflow to other areas of our lives. To live a fulfilled and abundant life we must be well fed in ALL aspects our being. Just as we are completely unique, we each have our own uniquely unbeaten path that allows us to fill our cups on our personally defined cups. Mine has led me to exactly where I am today. I am grateful for ALL of the events of my life; each has given me the humility, strength, knowledge and life experience to step into my own, walk my walk and talk my talk. What a blessing and gift to be able to be the mountain on which others can lean while they discover their own unbeaten path.